Hurray! I’m no longer older than the Doctor.

Great choice of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. A fine actor and one who will, with any luck, now be written less frantically and goofily than Matt Smith.

Here’s hoping for a slightly darker, more brooding and less antic Doctor. Or, as they put it quite well over on Cult Box, “bringing a composure and a humour that’ll be entirely different to Smith’s or Tennant’s pin-up cheekiness.”

There’s also the chance that the casting of someone who isn’t pretty may flush out the last remnants of the Tennant personality cult still clinging on under the rim of the bowl. As I posted two years ago, I could just about live with the fact that the Doctor Who audience now only consists of people who like the show for itself and is no longer artificially swollen by a claque of sinister hormonal groupies who fantasize about the lead character sitting on their face.


Posted August 4, 2013 by docwhom in Doctor Who, Misc


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  1. This news made my day.

    I’ve seen people call the pick ‘safe’ and ‘predictable,’ but at least with regard to the former, I think they’ve rather taken a pretty big chance on possibly (almost certainly) alienating the tween boy band-loving crowd that’ve swelled the ranks of fandom. ‘Predictable,’ yeah, I guess when the bookies have you as favorite well in advance, that’s a fair cop.

    • I very much tend to share your thoughts on this. Im not sure though that they’ll almost certainly alienate the boy-band loving crowd. Kids tend to be far less conscious about age than say those fans who came to the show for the first time in 2005 aged 30-odd (Doc Whom’s face-sitting brigade). I’m just wondering if they’ll let Capaldi keep his accent or not. If they do, then we’re about to enter a whole new age of DW soundbytes, as various Tucker-isms find their way into the Doctor’s reportoire!

  2. Are you really younger than fifty-five? Are you sure?

  3. I’ve also been very excited that the doctor will be older than _I_ AM . . .

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