Oliver Hardy & Stan Laurel, 1930'sI’ve just been watching some Laurel & Hardy DVDs and I’ve realised that certain US podcasts do have a point about the SFX on Doctor Who. I found the grainy, black and white Laurel & Hardy pictures just too great an obstacle to get over. Why couldn’t they use colour film and better cameras? The colours and the image sharpness on “The Chuckle Brothers” are breathtaking by comparison.


Some enterprising podcast really ought to consider reviewing Laurel & Hardy’s films and spend an hour rolling around with laughter, not at the comedy, but at the picture resolution.


Until the BBC starts throwing millions at the Doctor Who SFX, design, make-up and costuming budgets, the likes of “Blink” will always be second-rate, shoddy pap compared to any episode of “Voyager”.



Posted July 18, 2013 by docwhom in Doctor Who, Misc


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  1. Careful, I’m told Americans don’t always understand irony.

  2. If American Doctor Who fans have problems with nuances of meaning, I suspect it’s because they’re DW fans, not because they’re Americans.

    I’ve no problem with Americans (aside from their pronunciation of “Dalek”). It’s just that Brits are far less likely to come to Doctor Who expecting million-pound SFX because we’re not brought up on huge-budget sci-fi (or TV in general). So a podcast which judges DW by its SFX is more likely to be US than UK. And, to be fair, they’re usually sci-fi/TV-general podcasts rather than DW specific ones.

  3. *cough*Course: Oblivion*cough*

    • “Course: Oblivion”? Was that the name of a Voyager episode or a description of the direction in which Voyager took the Star Trek franchise?

      • Damn you, Sir! Damn you! How dare you be so dismissive of a series in which the most popular and interesting character was known only as “The Doctor”! (grin)

  4. Not so much the poor quality of SFX on DW but the declining quality of SFX on DW over the past few years… At least Laurel and Hardy remained fairly constant. Or at least improved.

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