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(With “The Daleks’ Master Plan”, we reach Part 21 of our Name Dropping journey through the First Doctor’s character arc as represented by his changing ways of addressing Steven: in which not much jam is spread over 12 slices of toast but we do learn the coolest way to hold a pen.)

Oops! In my relief at finally finishing “The Massacre”, it looks like I forgot that I’d never got around to posting my Name Dropping review of “The Daleks’ Master Plan”. This story had long been held up as the (mostly) lost masterpiece but it really comes across as a lot of filler flying back and forth between big watchable events like the deaths of Katerina and Sara Kingdom, Celation’s 1980s Manc walk, Mavic Chen’s wonderfully cool way of holding a pen and the notorious “Merry Christmas”. Incidentally, my podcasting colleague Mark holds his pen in a remarkably similar way to Mavic Chen. The episode “The Feast of Steven” is just an abomination which by comparison makes Little and Large look funny and Morton Dill a thoughtful piece of characterisation.

The really big treat here is Nicholas Courtney’s first appearance in Doctor Who as Bret Vyon (a name which you feel should be an anagram for something significant). Outrageously, the Doctor nearly always addresses him as “Bret” which must surely make poor Ian and Steven feel pretty hard done by.

When it comes to how the Doctor addresses Steven in this episode, we get my boy x 17, dear boy x 11, young man x 8, Steven x 5, my dear boy x 4, my dear young man x 3, Steven my boy x 1, my dear fellow x 1 and a rare outing for my friend x 1.

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Posted May 21, 2017 by docwhom in Name Dropping

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