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(With “Mission to the Unknown”, we reach Part 19 of our Name Dropping journey through the First Doctor’s character arc as represented by his changing ways of addressing Steven: in which we find nothing at all.)

One can only wonder what on Earth the children of the 1960s thought upon seeing “Mission to the Unknown”. Or rather what they thought when the next episode didn’t materialise the following week. Even in the age when episode titles ruled and story serials had no collective titles, there must have been some confusion.

However, there’s still the matter of what the Doctor calls Steven in this story: my boy x 0, dear boy x 0, young man x 0, Trailer x 0, Tailspin x 0, Telltale x 0 and Stevenage x 0.

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Posted March 30, 2016 by docwhom in Name Dropping

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