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“Doc Whom is Required” – a revelation which will come as a shock to regular readers of this blog. Nevertheless, it’s the title of Episode 52 of the Forty-Two to Doomsday Podcast – “Doc Whom is Required” is now online and features as a guest that venerable blogger, podcaster and all round scapegrace, Doc Whom…oh hang on, that’s me…courtesy of Rob and Mark, the owners of the third and fourth most convincing Australian accents in podcasting.

We compare Australian and British accents, our differing TV landscapes and puzzle over the conundrum that is the unusual distribution of Doctor Who podcasts worldwide. We reveal the true reason why the British built an Empire, then strap yourselves in as we turn to why fans should say whatever they really think about Doctor Who.

42TD’s podcast blog can be found here.

Their Facebook page can be found here.

Their Twitter account can be found here.




Posted March 11, 2016 by docwhom in Doctor Who, Misc

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