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(With “The Crusade”, we reach Part 14 of our Name Dropping journey through the First Doctor’s character arc as represented by his changing ways of addressing Ian: in which everyone goes all iambic and Ian gets knighted.)

There are three stand out elements to “The Crusade”, David Whitaker’s script, Julian Glover and Jean Marsh. Oh, and Ian’s chest also stands out a bit when he gets staked out in the desert as the show continues its move to a more overtly homoerotic portrayal of our action man.

David Whitaker is clearly aiming at a Shakespearian tone to his dialogue. It’s quite a surprise when the penny drops that, at times, Richard is speaking in iambic pentameter. What a pity that half of this story went the way of all flesh at the tender mercies of the junkers.

It’s little wonder that Jean Marsh was quickly invited back to play Sara Kingdom and that Julian Glover would play an aristocrat again in Doctor Who. Unless in the mid-60s they were happy for any work they could get, it’s perhaps an indication of the reputation of the show that it could attract actors of that quality.

The Doctor’s mischievous giggling has calmed down but it’s never far away. In one year his character arc has gone from irritably cantankerous to unmistakably avuncular. A lesson for the 1980s there.

Now to our ongoing record of what the Doctor calls Ian: dear boy x 2, my boy x 4, dear fellow x 1 and (who would have expected this) Sir Ian x 1. It takes a knighthood for the Doctor to employ one of his very few uses of action man’s first name.

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