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Citadel 4

Hayden brings us the second in his occasional series of “Podcasters Assemble” where he chats to a dazzling international array of fellow Doctor Who podcasters and tries to understand what makes them tick.

This week, we hear Erika (for it is she) Ensign from the “Verity!” podcast, Marc (for it is he) Atkinson from the “Progtor Who” podcast, Christian (for it is he) Cawley from “The Podkast With a K” and Phil (for it is he) Cannon from the “Who’s He?” podcast.

You may by now have noticed that we’re pushing for the formal introduction of “(for it is s/he)” as a title for Doctor Who podcasters, the Jedi Knights of fandom. On the subject of which, we close this week’s podcast with a little tribute to another knight of the airwaves.

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Posted February 14, 2016 by docwhom in Podcast

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