DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 048 – A Happy New Year to All of You at Home   Leave a comment

2015 GR Q1

The Four Faces of Delusion break the podcasting fourth wall to wish all of their faithless listeners a very happy 2016 in this the delayed Christmas podcast.

Our podcasting heroes talk about their Christmas presents in general and Doctor Who/Dalek annuals in particular before reviewing “The Husbands of River Song” and then looking back on Series Nine as a whole.

As is now traditional for a Diddly Dum Christmas (i.e. it happened for the first time last year), Doc dons the mantle of the great Bob Holness to test Hayden and Matt’s memory of the 2015 podcasts (follow along on the Gold Run screen above).

In a triumph of investigatory fan journalism, the Diddly Dumbers break their exclusive scoop by revealing the names of the new writing duo who Steven Moffat claims will make our brains explode. Along the way, they also discuss the outrageously un-politically-correct content of 1970s annuals, the new “Curse of the Black Spot” lego pirate ship set, Sean Pertwee’s karaoke rendition of the “Fireball XL-5” song, River Song marrying Robert Robinson and Matt rocks the world of fandom by calling for Doctor Who to be rescheduled opposite Coronation Street on Wednesday nights.

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