DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 041 – Hayden’s Comedy Hour   Leave a comment

comedy hour pilot picture

It’s been a sad week for the Four Faces of Delusion and so, in place of a standard podcast, to give us a much needed smile, we present the pilot of a little project which Hayden has had bubbling away on the back burner of late. The plan is for us and our guests to step outside the world of Doctor Who and share what tickles our funny bones.

This is an opportunity for all those of Hayden and Matt’s generation to have a good giggle and for all those of Doc’s generation to spit out their Ovaltine in despair over their slippers and shake their heads sadly at what young people are laughing at in this day and age.

We therefore present Hayden’s Comedy Hour.

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Posted December 4, 2015 by docwhom in Podcast

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