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This week we turn over the microphone to Hayden for a whacking big interview with Kevin (for it is he) Davies, the director and producer of “30 Years in the TARDIS”, Doctor Who’s 30th anniversary special, and “More Than…30 Years in the TARDIS”, its expanded VHS release. Kevin has also worked on features covering the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, “Blake’s 7”, the Dalekmania movies and lots more.

Join us for a roller coaster ride along the making of the anniversary special which is burned into the memories of a generation. Hear how an everyday piece of 1970s technology weighing no more than a mere house brick won a 17 year old Kevin an introduction to Douglas Adams and led to him working alongside our Hitchhiking heroes.

Gasp along with Ian Levine as Kevin unveils to the fan they can’t ban the missing 6 seconds clip from Power of the Daleks which he found. Howl with impotent rage as Kevin reveals that he keeps hidden in a secret Wigan warehouse every can of RAF Open Day film which features one of the Doctors, carefully guarding them from all eyes, waiting for what he calls “the right price” (it’s a Hitchhiker’s line, folks). Hold your breath along with us as we wait to hear if Kevin manages to effect an accidental reunion between Jennie Linden, Roberta Tovey and the man who brought dedication (it’s a Record Breakers line, folks) to the nation, the man who made the Television Centre fountain immortal, Roy Castle.

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