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Hayden and Matt’s recent visit to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular set them pondering as to whether Doctor Who works in a stage format. Therefore, in this week’s podcast, the Four Faces of Delusion look at the history of Doctor Who on stage – Curse of the Daleks, Seven Keys to Doomsday, The Ultimate Adventure, The Trial of Davros and Doctor Who Live: The Monsters are Coming.

Along the way we see C3PO and Princess Leia go toe to toe with Nick Briggs, Murray Gold “accidentally” bumps into Hayden and insists on a selfie with the noted podcaster, we learn of the Satanic message hidden within the Series 8 music when played backwards, Matt reveals his secret for getting Doctor Who Proms tickets, we explore the links between Peter Miles and Peter Gabriel and Doc explains the Rule of Seven in TV sci-fi. Arm yourself for future pub quizzes as we work out which was the first ever scene in which a Doctor kisses a companion – and it isn’t what you might think (Benton doesn’t count as a companion).

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Posted September 7, 2015 by docwhom in Podcast

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