DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 032 – Ours Mounted Lasers on Robot Parrots   Leave a comment

Gareth Kavanagh joins the Four Faces of Delusion to debate the Doctor Who issues of the day and to present K9 – the Doctor’s second best friend –  for permanent display in the marble halls of the Whoseum (along with his duelling partner).

Gareth’s researches have uncovered Steve Gallagher’s original scripts for “Warriors’ Gate” (greatly changed by Messs Bidmead and Joyce) and reveals K9’s originally planned, heartbreaking farewell words – you will sob your heats out. We also find the perfect replacement voice for K9 should John Leeson ever retire and the reason why Jo Grant was never given a K9 of her own.

Along the way, Hayden disappears mysteriously while researching the Shada shooting locations in Cambridge. While waiting for him to reappear, we chat about Gareth’s recent hosting of “An Evening with Terrance Dicks”, the similarities between Trau Morgus and Alan Sugar, the top ten business lessons from Caves of Androzani, the plot outline for the “Life on Mars” Christmas special that never happened and Doctor Who / Coronation Street crossovers. Finally Doc gets potty trained by Orac. Only on Diddly Dum.

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Posted September 7, 2015 by docwhom in Podcast

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