For this double review of “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”, the Diddly Dumbers pay tribute to the theory developed by The Him (Al’s éminence grise) that Steven Moffat’s source material for Doctor Who is stolen entirely from Danger Mouse episodes. So they leap once again into the Molecular Nanoscaler and shrink themselves small enough to enter the secret agent’s pillar box base.

Nestled safely among the uncollected post, the Diddly Dumbers start with Doc’s mammoth rambling review of his recent trip to the British Film Institute to see the premiere of “Future Shock – The Story of 2000AD”. Eventually, the Three Who Drool remember that this is primarily a Doctor Who related podcast and turn to the Series 8 finale double-bill.

Along the way, The Rev reveals how Steven Moffat is cooking pasta with guess who’s spice rack, Doc gets so deeply mired in an elaborate “Friends” analogy that he forgets why he started it, Al hams it up with hamartia, we cover how “The Happiness Patrol” never came near 2000AD’s “Invasion” in attacking Margaret Thatcher, why it’s illegal to produce horror comics in the UK, Australia’s joint-second top contributions to world culture, how watching Steven Moffat’s finale was like those scouts on a roller-coaster in “J**’** F** I*”, and we discover why the campest character in sci-fi history could well have been Admiral Ackbar.

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