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For this double review of “Flatline” and “In the Forest of the Night”, the Diddly Dumbers have repaired to a sylvan glade. But the peaceful location belies a lurking menace. Which of us hasn’t shivered at the idea of growling in the bushes?

Each new podcast seems to reveal another shocking example of shameless thievery on Steven Moffat’s part. You know that “how can I have been so blind?” feeling when the penny drops and something is laid bare which has been staring you in the face for years? That’s how our podcasters felt this week when The Him (Al’s eminence grise) pointed out what now seems so obvious – that the idea behind every Series 8 episode of Doctor Who can be traced back to an original episode of “Danger Mouse”. The Three Who Drool discuss this outrage.

Along the way, we cover the role of the Three Day Week in The Rev’s conception, Doc having to wait over 40-odd years for his scariest ever experience in Doctor Who, ten foots and snickleways, The Rev finding that the day can be as scary as the night, has normally lovely Sigourney Weaver ever been a more of a total bitch than her character in “Working Girl”, comics as a form of literacy, Al finding Judge Dredd standing next to him at the urinal, the best way not to be killed by tigers and “Peppa Pig” as a prequel to “Animal Farm”.

As an erotic climax, Al finally explains his theory of Doctor Who as Greek tragedy.

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Posted October 31, 2014 by docwhom in Podcast

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