DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 012 – Creepy Crawlies   Leave a comment


We never explained how Al, Doc and The Rev escaped the supernatural attack at the Devil’s Hump dig in the closing seconds of Podcast 010. Counter-intuitively, given the Doctor Who connection, the resolution is even more thrilling than the cliffhanger. However, explanations must wait as this week we find our podcasting heroes very much the worse for wear.

All those weeks visiting iconic drinking establishments from Doctor Who lore have taken their toll on the livers of The Diddly Dumbers. On medical advice, the Three Who Drool have retired to Llanfairfach in South Wales for an intense course of detoxification at The Nuthutch.

Wracked by delirium tremens, the Diddly Dumbers see visions of creepy crawlies running all over the house and their thoughts turn naturally to instances of giant insects in Doctor Who. Listen in as, between restorative nibbles at Nancy’s homegrown fungus, the boys reminisce about the Zarbi, Menoptera, Venom Grubs and Optera from The Web Planet, the Wirrn from The Ark in Space and the Tritovores from The Planet of the Dead.






Email the podcast at diddlydumpodcast@yahoo.co.uk

All artwork for the Diddly Dum Podcast by our own The Rev can be found collected here on Pinterest.

Posted June 1, 2014 by docwhom in Podcast

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