A SPLINKING MINOTAUR   Leave a comment

Here’s the final clue to the stories covered in Friday’s Diddly Dum Podcast, couched in rhyming couplets, Rupert the Bear style. That’s not part of the clue. Like all Doctor Who fans, the Diddly Dumbers are just suckers for childhood nostalgia.

Faithful listener, what link could ye
Find twixt a time-devouring budgie
And a plankton-eating race
Hid in an oceanic base?
If a splinking Minotaur perplexes
And interstitial theory vexes,
Our next podcast provides the answers
To underwater ballet dancers
Altered so they breathe like fish,
It’s downloadable at midnight(ish).
A hellish land that’s worse than Dante’s?
Of course, the common theme’s ________ !



(artwork as ever by our own The Rev – To see all of the Diddly Dum Podcast artwork and photos and links on all the stuff we chat about, have a look at our visual show notes at http://gb.pinterest.com/visualthinktank/doctor-who-and-the-diddly-dum-podcast/)

Posted April 17, 2014 by docwhom in Podcast

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