A long time ago in a cyberspace far far away…

Turmoil has engulfed Doctor Who fandom. The moderation of online message boards is in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter with a blockade of banning, Treguna Mekoides, viceroy of the greedy Trade Forum has stopped all posting about The Key to Time Season on the Isle of Naboombu.

With online fandom gridlocked in an endless debate about missing episodes, Supreme Chancellor Trecorum Satisdee has secretly dispatched three Podcasters, the guarantors of conflict and injustice in fandom, to the island of Naboombu to resolve Season 16 once and for all.

Landing behind enemy lines, the podcasters encounter Jar Jar Southall and, while fandom collapses into war around them, continue discussing Doctor Who’s first attempt at a season-long arc.

Listen in to the holographic message contained in this podcast unit as The Three Who Drool are joined by Jar Jar Southall in Part 2 of their review of Doctor Who’s first attempt at a series arc in Season 16 (The Key to Time season) – in which we find that JR is only qualified to work on sailors, that Doc went to school with Mr Fibuli, that Al wanted to be taught by Barbara and in which The Rev sings for Sarah Jane.

Download from iTunes

Download from podcast blog

Extensive show notes illustrating these ravings from our padded cell are also available on the podcast blog.

Posted February 7, 2014 by docwhom in Podcast

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