A long time ago, in a cyberspace far, far away….

It is a period of civil war. Rebel fans, striking from a hidden forum, have won their first victory against the evil Corporation.

During the battle, fans managed to steal secret plans to the BBC’s ultimate weapon, iTunes, an armored commercial juggernaut with enough power to destroy an entire franchise.

Pursued by the BBC’s sinister agents, the Restoration Team, four brave podcasters race home aboard their egos, custodians of the stolen plans that can save their show and restore the missing episodes to the galaxy…

Listen in to the holographic message contained in this podcast unit as the rebel scum are joined by JRba (the Hutt) Southall in Part 1 of a review of Doctor Who’s first attempt at a series arc in Season 16 (The Key to Time season) – in which we find that Al keeps Issue 5 of Doctor Who Weekly under his mattress, that Doc’s ability to siphon coffee through his nostrils is useful for clearing out Thrill Sucker infestations, that JR could stage a palace coup in an empty room and in which The Rev reveals the criminal masterminds behind lumpy custard.

Download from iTunes

Download from podcast blog

Extensive show notes illustrating these ravings from our padded cell are also available on the podcast blog.


Posted January 31, 2014 by docwhom in Podcast

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