Disaster strikes! The frail bark which is the Doctor Whom blog has been caught between the Scylla of the Blue Box Podcast and the Charybdis of self-love. Despite frantic backing of oars, my vessel has been sucked down into the maelstrom of Doctor Who podcasting. Serves me right for taking the plugs out of my ears and listening to the Sirens.

Last week JR Southall, the eminence grise of the Blue Box Podcast (and when it comes to eminences, they don’t get any more grise than him) invited three of the most persistent email critics of his opinions onto the podcast to see that podcasting was not as easy as he imagined that we imagined.

The multiple vehicle pile-up which resulted is now available here on Starburst and here on iTunes in the form of “Round Rabbit”, episode 89 of the Blue Box podcast.

At the end of this grim farrago, JR issued a challenge – if you think you can do worse, do it.

So we did. After a few days of flurried setting up of Twitter accounts and dedicated email accounts and a host blog, Al No, Rev and your humble blogger recently attended the birth of THE DIDDLY DUM PODCAST.

As Doctor Who fans, we realise the futility of aiming for accuracy in our forthcoming podcasts. Instead we shall aim to be beautiful. For if truth be beauty then beauty must be truth. So please don’t seek for beauty in our truthfulness. Seek instead for truth in our beauty and you will be rewarded.

Must dash as I need to edit Reason #1 in my “Top 5 Reasons for Unsubscribing from Doctor Who Podcasts” in order to give me wriggle room. I had no idea when I wrote it that one day the “flat-vowelled droning monotone” of a Northern accent curing insomnia in the podcasting community would be my own.


Posted January 17, 2014 by docwhom in Podcast


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  1. I’ve heard the first episode of The Diddly-Dum Podcast, and I must concur: it doesn’t get any diddlier nor any dumber. The way forwards can only be … forwards.

    It is, however, vastly entertaining and a very bright beginning. Consider me your number one fan. That is, if “number one” can be equated to “the first to have heard it.”

  2. Dumber? The nerve of the man!!! Or as we podcasters say, the Audacity!!!

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