As brilliant as An Adventure in Space and Time was, the show was completely stolen by a fabulous cameo performance. Not Jessica Raine. Not Sacha Dhawan. Not even Brian Cox.

They were all cast into the shade by that amazing doughnut-like building they somehow found to film it all in and around. Well done to the BBC location scouts. It really looked like the sort of building you could imagine creative people working in. Whoever built it must have had some real balls and vision.

Wherever it is, if this building ever comes on the market, it would make an ideal location for, say, the television functions of a large public service broadcaster. Or, failing that, some sort of paramilitary organisation. That funky entrance lobby could easily be turned into a laboratory. As for that central courtyard, what more ideal location for filming Strictly Come Dancing? Somehow, when I look at that fountain, tap dancing comes irresistibly to mind.

I doubt that the BBC would ever get the chance to acquire the building though. Who in their right mind would dream of selling such an iconic architectural masterpiece? Certainly no-one with any feeling for history or for the elevation of value over cost.


Posted November 22, 2013 by docwhom in Doctor Who, Misc

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