The eccentricity of Christopher Eccleston never ceases to astonish.

Offered the chance to reprise his most famous role, Eccleston has turned down the offer. Why can’t he show a bit of respect for the show? Surely if the man has a shred of conscience he would recognise that we fans have a right to expect some claim on his time in exchange for the loyalty we’ve given him.

It’s becoming ever clearer that he only took on the role in the first place as a way of reviving his flagging career. Now, having risen on the back of our favourite show, he’s happy to swan off over the horizon in search of more lucrative roles.

He can hardly claim to be turning us down because he’s a serious actor looking for serious roles. For example, look at how he was happy enough to rake in some cash by starring in BBC TV show Doctor Who for one season when it was being revived. So Eccleston will appear in cheesy BBC sci-fi but our franchise is beneath him? What a hypocrite!

Major Tom Spilsburgen III (USMC retd.), the editor of G.I. Joe Monthly, told our reporter: “Eccleston has become famous during Doctor Who press conferences for reacting angrily to being regularly asked if he has plans to return to the G.I. Joe franchise. However, he appeared to mellow when he recently replied smilingly to one of these questions “If I told you that, I’d have to destroy your family from a helicopter gunship.” This had led fans of the franchise to hope that plans were afoot for Eccleston to reprise his critically acclaimed performance in “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”. Fans everywhere will be devastated to learn that he has now declined to appear in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”.”

Fans posting on the G.I. Joe section of war movie message forum, Gallipoli Base, have speculated that Eccleston fears becoming typecast by appearing in too many movies inspired by comic books.

In other movie news, Christopher Eccleston has now completed filming in this summer’s blockbuster release, Thor 2: The Dark World.


Posted April 9, 2013 by docwhom in Doctor Who, Misc


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  1. 😀

  2. This post is ridiculous! Perhaps he has other plans, or reasons for not doing it that he’s not saying…it isn’t his job to placate you with his own career and livelihood. As you don’t know him or his schedule, you aren’t really at liberty to pass such harsh judgment. Also, you sound self-entitled, like he ‘owes’ you for your loyalty, well, tell me, is he personally aware of your loyalty??? Chances are that he isn’t, so how do you expect reciprocation? Just because you didn’t get what you wanted you’re turning on him, how is THAT for ‘loyalty’??? Fair-weather friend, false friend, I name you, if turning on someone is that easy for you. On another note, the anniversary is bringing back the meta-crisis doctor and rose from the other universe, so the plot would doubtfully require any other Doctor presence, as it wouldn’t make much sense. Sure, they’ve done it before, but just because you want it and they aren’t doing it isn’t reason to have such a bitch-fit and turn on a decent actor.

    • Ah, I think you’ve rather missed the point; this is an ironic post, intended to show up just exactly the behaviour you’re talking about for the nonsense that it is!

  3. Yes thanks, JR. My irony has often been compared to a light soufflé and it’s delicate, light-touch subtlety is often lost on people. So Brad is not to blame. Incidentally, I hope that no-one was disturbed in the early hours while I was typing it by the sound of my tapping my keyboard keys with that sledgehammer.

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