IF YOU’LL BELIEVE THAT…   2 comments


Apropos of nothing in particular, how did anyone ever fall for the claim by Terry Nation™ that he came up with the word Dalek when he saw an encyclopaedia (or was it a telephone directory?) with the letters DAL-LEK on the spine?

Could there ever have been a time when there were fewer words/names starting with the eight letters between D and L than there were between A and C?

Did Terry™ think that there are Doctor Who fans who’ll swallow anything they’re told from an official source? Heaven forbid that that day should ever dawn.


Posted February 20, 2013 by docwhom in Doctor Who, Misc

2 responses to “IF YOU’LL BELIEVE THAT…

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  1. As per an earlier post – perhaps Nation was actually talking about how the word should be pronounced?

  2. If you look at the london telephone directory you will see that it is divided into sections alphabetically:


    (I think……..at least it was last time I was there)

    which if you pile them up in the right order can be made to spell DALEK (or at least DARLEK)

    Well, that’s my theory…

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