When it comes to Doctor Who podcasts, the acme of the abstract has to be Radio Rassilon and a slightly belated congratulations is due on reaching their first anniversary. I’ve followed them almost from their very first podcast and my grasp on sanity has weakened proportionately.

They hold a permanent place among that elite handful of less publicised Doctor Who podcasts whose every new episode is a dear diary moment and which are peopled by those who make Pipkins seem rational by comparison.

The anniversary podcast features a scarily climactic confrontation as the podcasters finally come face to face with intergalactic despot (except on school nights), IAMWILLIAM, and his untrousered hordes. You could cut the dramatic tension with a knife.

You may not come away from their podcasts any the wiser about Steven Moffat’s plotting but you will come away understanding just that little bit more about the eternal mystery that is Life.

Posted June 25, 2011 by docwhom in Misc


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  1. Leeson here, from off of that Radio Rassilon Podcast. Just to say thanks for the review. Just stumbled accross it whilst vainly Googling my own podcast.

    I now depart to bed, with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    Best, Leeson Fischer

  2. I am a big fan too. I love IAMWILLIAM.

  3. Fear not. IamWilliam will still be a regular contributor, only he will now be broadcasting from inside a dwarf star alloy box, similar to that which housed the 456 or whatever it was from Torchwood: Children of Earth. We are taking no chances this time.

  4. A dwarf star alloy box? Hmmmm. Would that be a box made from dwarf star alloy or a box for dwarves made from star alloy? I didn’t know IamWilliam was that short.

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