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I hadn’t noticed this little logo before. Or, if I did, it’s significance didn’t occur to me. It’s on the inside of the drop-ship airlock door when Amy’s trapped inside with the TV angel. And it’s also on the sleeves of the clerics’ uniforms.

My delight at discovering this may be short-lived if I find that I’d have learned it in April if I’d paid closer attention to the relevant Doctor Who Confidential. But I reckon that the logo has to be the badge or emblem of Father Octavian’s militaristic 51st century Church. Alpha and Omega. It’s the Greek letter Omega with an Alpha inside it.

What I love most about this is that someone on the design team must have gone to the trouble of dreaming that up but it doesn’t even get a mention. It’s just left there for the viewer to pick up or not as they please.

When we hear River’s throwaway line about six billion people living on the planet, we don’t really feel it. Their existence is little more than a plot point, no attempt is made to weave any sense of reality into it and I don’t think that at any stage we are concerned for their safety from the Angels. However, in the case of the militaristic-cum-spiritual organisation which the Church has evolved into over thirty centuries, which actually requires more suspension of disbelief than merely accepting that a lot of humans live on the planet, this is made more real and tangible by little touches like the Alpha/Omega emblem. This laying down of layers of history and cultural background and then not trumpeting it but leaving it for us to absorb, if only subconsciously, helps make the Church much more real and powerful in our imagination despite our only ever encountering a handful of its clerics.

Ah, Doctor Who. Britain’s gift to humanity which just keeps on giving.


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  2. The same insignia shows up in “A Good Man Goes to War.”

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