Having reviewed the Monty Python swan song in the first half of Diddly Dum Podcast #016, we were spoiling for any opportunity to drop in lines like “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.” We couldn’t have guessed that we’d be gifted the perfect cue in the second half when our guest, Andrew Cartmel (Seventh Doctor script editor), rhapsodised so lyrically about his love for comic book art that he ended up namechecking “Nemesis the Warlock”. Is there no end to the man’s cultural hinterland?


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You may have wondered why I suffered without retribution my podcasting colleagues (Al and The Rev) guesting behind my back on a recent episode of the Blue Box Podcast (Ep. 103). Fans of Doctor Who podcasting across the world began panic-buying storm umbrellas against the expected hurricane of revenge.

But I kept my powder dry because I was on a promise. From time beyond memory, my mantelpiece has been adorned with a gilt edged, copperplate invitation (delivered late by the postman naturally) to attend the ball on the enchanted night when the Blue Boxers finally reviewed my favourite Series One. As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served on a bed of wilted chard drizzled with a fennel vinaigrette.

So listen in to the latest Blue Box Podcast (Ep. 111) as I bring a flavour of the Three Who Drool to the Five Faces of Delusion’s talk of the Ninth Doctor’s season. Hear the heart-wrenching tale of every time that Doctor Who reduced me to helpless yet manly tears in 2005. Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive but to be approaching a jaundiced middle age was very heaven.–series-ones-top


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BUT WHOSE RIBS WERE THEY?   Leave a comment

Colour photo of John Ringham as Tlotoxl from that First Doctor favourite The Aztecs.

(With “The Aztecs”, we reach Part 6 of our Name Dropping journey through the First Doctor’s character arc as represented by his changing ways of addressing Ian: in which the writers drop the first hint that the Doctor could be a woman, Ian fights like Spock and the Aztec priests feast on barbecue ribs.)

Barbara gets an opportunity for centre stage in The Aztecs but it tends to leave her sitting around a lot of the time, albeit on a fancy (if hard) throne. There’s never a nice soft hand to sit on when you need one. While she’s thereby removed from most of the action, she does get a lot of the philosophical wrestling in this story. More significantly, we’re used to writers in Modern Who dropping hints that male Time Lords can regenerate into females but who knew that the practice had such a Classic pedigree?

SUSAN: But the priest in the tomb’s a man! How can you be a reincarnation of him?
BARBARA: The form the spirit takes isn’t important, Susan. This is what’s important.

Now, I don’t know about you but, when it’s a windy day and I need to nip outside to put the dustbins out for emptying, I either put the front door on the latch or wedge it open with something solid to stop me getting locked out. The number of times they’ve landed on some alien world and wandered off to explore, leaving me screaming at the screen “Close the bloody TARDIS door! Monsters and naughty villains might get in.” – and they choose this opportunity to start locking up?

We do get a lot of educational tips about Aztec life. I had no idea that barbecue ribs were considered a delicacy among their priests. You do think that, for a man in a public position though, Tlotoxl would apply a lemon-soaked paper napkin to his mouth before leaving the table. He has BBQ sauce smeared from ear to ear, the mucky beast!

We’ve all familiar with the acting in Classic Doctor Who being more theatrical compared with the naturalistic acting of Modern Who, but The Aztecs takes this further than I remember. The script has either been written in an attempt at iambic pentameter or the actors playing the priests are trying to force it into something approaching it.

Ian suddenly seems to have developed a mastery of martial arts from nowhere.

Possibly one of the best exchanges yet.

DOCTOR: My fiancée.

IAN: Your what!

DOCTOR: I made some cocoa and got engaged.

Finally we appear to detect a distinct change in the Doctor’s means of addressing Ian. During “The Aztecs”, the Doctor addresses him as follows: Chesterton x 3, my boy x 2, my dear boy x 1 and man x 1 (in a moment of passion). However, he calls him Ian for the first time – twice to his face and another four times behind his back. Is our curmudgeonly Time Lord now softening towards the alpha male of the Sixties?

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DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 014 – A Day at the Beach   Leave a comment



The Diddly Dum Podcasters have taken The Whoseum on tour and  visited Conrad and Will from the Desert Island Who Podcast marooned on their desert island. Will alas did not survive the shipwreck and Conrad had an accident with a dodgy ring modulator.

However, they proudly present The Whoseum with a very special exhibit which sparks off much debate about the notion of a female Doctor. Along the way, Al produces a battered old tin, Doc asserts to much disbelief that Purdy really did hide in a shop window in her pyjamas and The Rev causes jaws to drop all round as he reserves judgment on…?…um/id797742762


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The Diddly Dum Whoseum can be found here.

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Extensive show notes for this podcast can be found on the podcast blog.


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DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 013 – Doctor Huw   Leave a comment


Following their Scottish themed podcast, the Three Who Drool took advantage of their detox course at The Nuthutch in Llanfairfach to discuss three Doctor Who stories linked by the theme of Wales. As you can see above, their field trip to research one story proved painful.

The stories covered are The Green Death, Delta & the Bannermen and The Unquiet Dead. In view of Mr Sneed touching up Rose during The Unquiet Dead, “Fanny By Gaslight” was the first choice for a podcast title but “Doctor Huw” was thought more descriptive.

Along the way, Al mourns the loss of Rik Mayall, Doc hails the return of sanity to Doctor Who Magazine’s fan polls and The Rev encounters Terrance Dicks, Mike Tucker and Andrew Cartmel at the recent DWAS Myth Maker event.…um/id797742762


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Extensive show notes for this podcast can be found on the podcast blog.

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DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 012 – Creepy Crawlies   Leave a comment


We never explained how Al, Doc and The Rev escaped the supernatural attack at the Devil’s Hump dig in the closing seconds of Podcast 010. Counter-intuitively, given the Doctor Who connection, the resolution is even more thrilling than the cliffhanger. However, explanations must wait as this week we find our podcasting heroes very much the worse for wear.

All those weeks visiting iconic drinking establishments from Doctor Who lore have taken their toll on the livers of The Diddly Dumbers. On medical advice, the Three Who Drool have retired to Llanfairfach in South Wales for an intense course of detoxification at The Nuthutch.

Wracked by delirium tremens, the Diddly Dumbers see visions of creepy crawlies running all over the house and their thoughts turn naturally to instances of giant insects in Doctor Who. Listen in as, between restorative nibbles at Nancy’s homegrown fungus, the boys reminisce about the Zarbi, Menoptera, Venom Grubs and Optera from The Web Planet, the Wirrn from The Ark in Space and the Tritovores from The Planet of the Dead.…um/id797742762


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DIDDLY DUM PODCAST 011 – The Whoseum   Leave a comment


Has Doc been left alone following the disappearance of his two chums at the Devil’s Hump as the last podcast ended? Where now for the Diddly Dum Podcast now that its two principal liab…er assets seem to have been snatched away at such a cruelly middle age?

Surely the Three Who Drool wouldn’t just continue as if nothing had happened, without so much as an explanation for how they managed to escape. Well, here’s a clue – they’ve been dipping into “Timelash” for ideas.

Surely after leaving their loyal listeners biting their nails for a tense fortnight, the Diddly Dumbers wouldn’t be so cruel as to blithely turn up at a glittering showbiz event such as the grand opening of “The Whoseum” – the planned repository of treasured memories of Doctor Who.

In the unlikely event that they took such a blasé approach to plot continuity, what items would they each present to the museum which spark off the deepest memories for them of Doctor Who? A record collection? A pregnant pause? A D-I-Y Dalek kit?

Listen in if you can bear the tension.…um/id797742762


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All artwork for the Diddly Dum Podcast by our own The Rev can be found collected here on Pinterest.


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